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September 30, 2014

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September 23, 2014

Fall is a very exciting time at Esby&Soph. Back to school is out of the way and it’s time to start thinking about crisp autumn mornings, warm apple cider and new fall fashion arrivals! This week I had the pleasure of attending a business meeting with Michael Kabat, the owner of an exciting new brand that Esby&Soph will carry this fall, The Young Yarner.  The “Young Yarner” himself, is extraordinary; When Michael enters a room people notice! He is a charming, creative young man with a brilliant smile and outgoing demeanor.  My first impression of Michael is how unbelievably young he is. “I’m almost 11”, Michael answers with confidence when asked his age. I am amazed!


The Young Yarner is a local business, owned and operated solely by Michael Kabat. Michael has a knack for knitting and has specialized in making infinity scarves for both adults and children. Each scarf is truly one of a kind; soft to the touch with beautiful consistent stitching. Michael works from home, on a single loom, spending several hours creating warm, thick wool scarves in a multitude of colours. Michael’s business began when he started selling his fashion forward scarves to friends and family last year in order to make money to replace his broken iPad. The rewarding experience fanned an entrepreneurial spark into a flame. Michael, being a savvy young businessman looking for new opportunities, recently contacted Esby&Soph requesting a meeting with owner, Anja Christensen.  Michael arrived to the meeting with a firm handshake and good business sense. I am impressed by the way he conducts himself throughout the entirety of the meeting discussing cost, profit, and social media marketing, not to mention the high quality of the sample products he presented.  By the time the meeting is over it’s clear that we, at Esby&Soph, had just been offered an amazing opportunity to support and encourage the growth of a budding young business run by an awesome young man. We couldn’t say no!


Esby&Soph has decided to donate our portion of the proceeds from each Young Yarner scarf to a local children’s charity of Michael’s choice. Michael is thrilled with the idea!


Stay tuned for regular updates on The Young Yarner. For more information go to

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