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Esby&Soph may as well be siblings. They love spending time together and are like two peas in a pod. We want to celebrate the spirit of Esby&Soph, so stay tuned and we hope you enjoy our adventures.

Esby&Soph Kids Concepts is a fashion-forward baby and kid's apparel and accessories boutique. Esby&Soph celebrates the true personalities behind the inspiration and offers a unique, adventurous and affordable product selection.

The Esby&Soph concept was born because of a personal need to find affordable, yet fashionable clothing and accessories for my son Esben.

Product selection is based on the personalities of Esben and his cousin Sophia, the kids behind our inspiration. Esben, the curious the happy-go-lucky boy with a permanent smile, who is always ready for new adventures. He loves to travel and be on the go, just like his cousin Sophia, who is the female version of Esben. Pretty, kind and funny, Sophia is always ready to strike a pose and entertain.

Esby&Soph product selections are carefully sourced and selected from designers and brands world-wide. We want the pieces to be unique and only available to our customers in limited quantities, which will allow our kids to showcase their individuality. We carry products for newborn to size 16.

Shopping for a baby shower, picture session, special occasion dressing, holidays or just because....., shopping has never been more fun and easy!

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What our friends have to say

Mary Prendiville


Looove this shop!

Paula Greenwood Primmett


What a pleasure meeting Anja and seeing all her adorable and unique kids clothes and accessories. A gem for Sarnia!

Erin Macneill


This is a little treasure. Nice to meet you today! Thanks for something different in Sarnia 🙂

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